I Graduated!

Thesis 15#

Tired. Scruffy. Thesis done.

It’s been quiet for too long around here… since my last post, my thesis was accepted September 20, 2012 and I received my diploma early February 2012. The title of my thesis was “Low dimensionality spectral sensing for low cost material identification and discrimination”. It really took a lot out of me. I learned a lot about myself, and a good bit about my thesis topic. I’m still a bit gun-shy about my thesis, but slowly bits and pieces will start appearing here.

The Media Lab was quite a strange experience, maybe I’ll write about it. It encompassed some of both the best and worst experiences of my life. Mixed feelings..

After graduating, I took a few months off, which gave me some time to decompress, watch some Breaking Bad, and knocked out some projects. I started working at Essess with Phil Salesses, a friend from the Lab. We’re doing some pretty interesting work, lots of interesting stuff should start appearing here shortly.

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